Blue Tansy Tapers

The blue tansy tapers are hand dipped, made from 100% pure beeswax, infused with beautiful, botanical, blue tansy oil. The designs on the candles conjure rivers, or tears and are hand drawn, never the same candle twice. The scent of the blue tansy blends seamlessly with the sweet honey beeswax, and adds a suble earthy quality to the candles aroma. Blue tansy is known for its healing and grounding properties, and pure beeswax has natural air purifying qualities.

Sold as a pair

- 100% pure beeswax
- blue tansy oil
- cotton wick
- 12” long
- base width ~7/8”-1”
- burn 12 hours

Tips + tricks

Trim wick if necessary

Melt the bottom of the taper gently and twist, to fit into classic taper holders, you could also shave a little off the circumference at the bottom